We are pleased to announce our biggest ever feature update to CaFE!

Up until now, CaFE has worked exclusively on the short-term forecasts it creates from your cloud accounting software.

You have told us you love this, because it means you don’t have to worry about maintaining short-range forecasts of your own, but you have also told us that you want the option of being able to plan further ahead.

Now you can!

Xero users can create a longer range budget and cash flow forecast directly within CaFE.

You can either ask CaFE to create the plan based on your budget within Xero, or you can make your own entries directly, the choice is yours. You can even combine the two and let CaFE create your first draft plan and then edit it to reflect the scenarios you want to test.

As the month progresses, CaFE will track your receipts and payments against your budget and reset the opening balance each month based on the actual position. Say goodbye to keeping unwieldy spreadsheets up to date!

This is our first release of the financial plan, so look out for further upgrades and refinements coming soon.

We hope you like your new CaFE!

October 30, 2018 by Makoto Fukuhara Categories: Accountants and bookkeepers