Helping clients’ cashflow management is key to accountants offering wider services

Clients that don’t understand the importance of good cashflow management are at a serious disadvantage. They are also very difficult for the finance professional to support.

However, once business owners do have this vital function under control, it signifies that they are serious about understanding and managing their finances. They are then open to other suggestions, which could boost financial performance still further. Most importantly, it means that they have a sound platform on which to build for the future.

In smaller businesses, where proprietors are usually forced to fill a multitude of roles, the problem can be particularly acute. Book keepers employed in such companies are probably not qualified accountants and may only be employed part time. However, if they have a system in place that makes it easy to keep a watching brief on where the money in the business is going, it is a very good place from which to start.

By using CaFE, it becomes possible for the business owner or their financial advisers to keep a constant watch on cashflow management without any additional time or effort. A direct link to the cloud accounting software and a simple traffic light warning system allow immediate action to be taken if the company is in danger of running short of cash. In short, it allows the situation to be controlled.

So, what other services can you offer once you have helped your client get their cashflow management under control? Here are just a few ideas:


Any warning system relies on the information in the accounting system to be up-to-date and reconciled with the bank. This is often neglected by a busy business owner who is likely to be very receptive to somebody offering to take this burden away.


The payroll is likely to be the largest hit to the bank account every month. If you are managing the pay-roll and able to keep an eye on cashflow, you can guide your client to help make sure there is always enough available.


VAT always comes as a nasty shock each quarter if not properly budgeted for. CaFE will alert to whether any impending VAT payment can be met, while you can be making sure that the returns are submitted accurately and on time.

Finance applications

To be able to demonstrate that cashflow is under control is vital if a company is looking to raise money. Lenders take comfort from the fact that the owners understand their business and that cashflow management is a priority. Using a tool like CaFE, you can generate the reports and provide the information that the bank is likely to need.

Business consultancy

Now that you know your client’s cash situation so well, you are perfectly positioned to sell in broader business consultancy services. Short and long term business planning, personal protection, tax planning and retirement can be so much easier to discuss in the context of the present cash position.

Cash might be king, but it is also key to client loyalty and greater cross-sale of services.


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April 28, 2017 by Makoto Fukuhara Categories: Accountants and bookkeepers