CaFE and FreeAgent: The simple solution to a classic business problem

Simply connect CaFE to FreeAgent and it’ll start producing automated cash flow forecasts straightaway.


Permanently connected to your accounting software



Instantly highlights impending cash shortfalls and surpluses



Allows you to take action straightaway


More about CaFE

CaFE provides automated cash flow projections and alerts to keep you on top of the cash flow in your business.

Always on, CaFE is monitoring your cash position, even when you’re not.

If you look to be in danger of running low on cash, we’ll send you a notification and point you to the invoices and payments that need attention to keep you in the black.

Got a surplus? CaFE can tell you that too so you can move some of the cash to deposit.

We’ve made sure CaFE is easy to use.

Our app integrates seamlessly with FreeAgent and synchronises automatically to create forecasts that are constantly up-to-date.

Easily accessible, in-app help quickly answers any questions that you might have.

Log into CaFE on your mobile phone.

CaFE for mobile makes your current and future cash position available in the palm of your hand.

You don’t need to install a separate app on your mobile, you can simply access CaFE on your mobile web browser.

And if monitoring cash flow is really not your thing…


You can invite your FreeAgent accountant or bookkeeper to monitor it for you.

Advisers who use FreeAgent can bulk import their clients into CaFE in one go. A clear dashboard will then show you which clients are most in need of your help.

You can also specify whether Auto Sync is turned on or not for each client. Turning Auto Sync on will keep that client’s data up to date for you.

About FreeAgent

FreeAgent is award-winning accounting software designed for small businesses.

  • An at-a-glance small business dashboard that shows how your business is doing.
  • Run your entire business from anywhere. Snap an expense, fire off an invoice, check your cashflow, stay on top of your tax. Take care of business, anywhere.
  • Invoicing that’s simply a breeze. Simple invoice software that helps you get paid faster and chases late payers for you.
  • Keep tabs on your project income, expenses and profitability with FreeAgent’s simple project management software.


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Connection is simple. Register with CaFE, choose connect to FreeAgent and log into your account. That’s it.

CaFE syncs automatically so your projections will always be up-to-date.